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Mastering Streetwear: Elevating your Style while Keeping it Authentic

Discover how to elevate your streetwear style with expert tips from celebrity stylist Katherine Mateo. Learn about playing with silhouettes, balancing patterns and colors, and accessorizing for different occasions.

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Russell Weaver
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Streetwear fashion is a contemporary lifestyle more than it is a part of your wardrobe. It is an embodiment of your personality and unique style, interpreted through sneakers, hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans. Amidst all the simplicities that streetwear brings, there’s undoubtedly an art to make your style stand out.

In a world filled with fashion enthusiasts vying for attention with the latest Supreme hoodie or Fear of God sweatpants, it has become quintessential to be judicious in our style choices. And this is where the expertise of renowned celebrity stylist, Katherine Mateo, comes into play. Known for her works with celebrity hip-hop artists such as Yeat and Kendrick Lamar, Katherine has beautifully illustrated how we can elevate our streetwear game without taking drastic steps.

Break Streetwear Fashion Norms with Experimental Silhouettes

When dressing for an innovative job interview while maintaining a streetwear vibe, it can indeed become a whirlwind trying to find that sweet spot between casual and professional. But don’t let the challenge hinder you from sticking to your fashion roots.

The balancing act involves playing with contrasting elements in your wardrobe, such as introducing a new silhouette through the waistline. Replace the run-off-the-mill cargos with trousers having a unique cut. This could be a “Caballero Pants” by Willy Chavarria, characterized by its broad leg opening. Combine this with a button-down shirt, like a subtly styled Heron Preston piece, signifying your commitment to the role without compromising the trend. Round it off with a pair of understated sneakers, possibly a pair of leather Adidas Sambas.

Date Night Chronicles: Mix and Match Patterns

A date night is an excellent opportunity to make a noteworthy impression on your partner, and your outfit plays a critical role. Choose an outfit that is unique and stays in their memories long after the date ends.

A good style tip to follow is mixing distinct patterns or prints with plain apparel. Take inspiration from a canvas jacket from Stüssy layered with a vibrant tie-dyed jersey from Who Decides War. However, remember to maintain a balance. Keeping the lower half minimal is key to accentuating the flamboyance of the patterned jacket without it being overpowering. A pair of cargo pants from R13 coupled with all-black Stüssy x Nike Air Penny 2s strikes the perfect balance.

Vacation Tactics: Use Logos Intelligently

Vacations become a tough battlefield to balance comfortable clothing and catchy fashion statements. Keeping comfort at the forefront should be the main objective, intertwined with the essence of your personal streetwear style.

While packing for a vacation, pick versatile pieces like a zip-up hoodie from Awake NY, Bonnie Clyde sunglasses, Birkenstock Kyotos, or a distinctive pair of jeans from Who Decides War. Remember to be mindful of positioning the logos on each piece of clothing. It is important to break them up with sufficient space to prevent transforming yourself into a living advertisement.

Though the streetwear fashion industry might seem dominated by brand giants and uncalled-for hype, keeping your style unique and discernable is achievable. Using these professional styling tips, you can revamp your wardrobe by subtly altering the style aesthetic without veering away from streetwear essentials.

Always follow the mantra- Streetwear is all about self-expression, but more importantly, it’s about keeping it real!

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