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Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino Tequila Partners with Philadelphia Eagles: Spirits Gain Momentum in Sports Industry

Comedian Kevin Hart’s luxury tequila brand, Gran Coramino, embarks on a promising collaboration with the Philadelphia Eagles, underscoring the shift from beer towards spirits in sports sponsorships. The article explores this strategic move and its potential to redefine fan experiences and reshape market trends.

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As the Philadelphia Eagles get ready for their first home game on Thursday Night Football, they are simultaneously stepping into a new sponsorship agreement with Gran Coramino, a luxury tequila brand co-founded by comedian, accomplished entrepreneur, and Philadelphia’s very own, Kevin Hart.

Starting this journey with the Eagles and being in alignment with Philadelphia is heartwarming and thrilling, stated Hart in an exclusive discussion with CNBC’s Frank Holland about this exceptional partnership.

The agreement with the Eagles is set to feature signage within Lincoln Financial Field, the team’s home ground, branded bars throughout the stadium, and promotional activities on the Eagles’ online platforms.

The Eagles intentions are to capitalize on the escalating success of celebrity-owned spirits brands and the flourishing tequila sales, as US consumers are exhibiting an increased preference for spirits over beer. Gran Coramino is joining the league of luxury spirits brands seeking to expand their market share through a collaboration with a league or team, as the habitual link between beer and sports is gradually dimming.

Hart’s anticipation is that the sales will see a considerable upswing due to heightened awareness both within and outside the stadium. Moreover, he hopes that people will develop an affinity for the product and eventually make purchases to enjoy it at their homes.

For Brian Napoli, the Eagles Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, the debut of the branded bar will provide an added value and experience for Eagles fans and attendees.

However, for Hart, a lifelong Eagles fan, the partnership is much more than business. The satisfaction and thrill he derives from associating with his favorite team are incomparable.

Beer and Sports: An age-old association seeing a shift

The pairing of beer and sports shares an iconic history. However, in an interesting turn of events, spirits brands are making significant headway into sports sponsorships with major US leagues.

The shifting trend occurred when spirits surpassed beer in market share for the very first time in 2022.

Several significant partnerships have taken place in recent years, and it appears that this shift is here to stay. With a vision to reach new customers and strengthen their brand, companies are investing in sponsorships and partnerships.

“Through our relationship with the NFL, we have seen a positive and measurable lift in impact to the perception of our brands in the eyes of consumers,” shares Rick Pineda, director of sports for Diageo.

Gran Coramino Spirit of Success

Spirits are typically marketed based on their history, their country of origin or the distillation process.

Gran Coramino is no different; it takes its origin from Tequila in Mexico, where all tequila is infused with agave. Comedian Kevin Hart, Juan Domingo Beckmann, CEO of Becle, which owns Jose Cuervo tequila, and James Morrissey, CEO of Global Brand Equities, founded the brand.

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Nevertheless, Hart aims to distinguish Gran Coramino from other brands by partnering with Eagles, a team known for its tenacious play and being a Super Bowl contender.

Besides, the partnership provides the brand with direct access to upscale consumers with hefty, expendable income. Also, considering how NFL ticket prices are predicted to go up by 60% to an average price of $377 in 2023, the demand is stronger than ever, according to Ticket Smarter’s CEO.

Wrapping this up, Kevin Hart expressed his excitement about this partnership, “We want Gran Coramino to be the spirit of choice for the Eagles, and we aim to position it as an inclusive drink, suitable for all – the family, friends, or corporate luxury. We believe our product fits all scenarios perfectly.”

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