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Bristol NASCAR Tradition: The Unique Legacy and Fond Memories of Children’s Performances

The captivating charm of Bristol's NASCAR tradition, where children of racers perform the national anthem, draws attention in its last instance under the baton of Melanie Self. The emotional weight of the occasion and the fond reminiscences make this an unforgettable part of NASCAR’s history.

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NASCAR’s esteemed traditions have made it a crowd fvourite over the years– but none stand out quite like the unique tradition that takes place at Bristol Motor Speedway every year.

An enchanting scene greets fans and participants alike, where the children of drivers and team members perform the national anthem with charm and gusto. This heartwarming tradition has been ongoing annually since 1999 and has seen the participation of numerous now-famous drivers’ children, including the likes of Chase Elliott, Harrison Burton, Jeb Burton, Todd Gilliland, and John Hunter Nemechek– to name a few.

However, these delightful concerts are set to undergo a big change following this year’s event. Melanie Self, the children’s choir’s long-serving coordinator for Motor Racing Outreach’s women and children’s ministry, is retiring. Self has been actively leading the choir since 2002 and consistently inspires the children with a straightforward message– they are the stars, and the entire world is their audience.

Fond Nascar Memories: A Peek Behind the Performances

The performance that the audience witnesses is but the tip of the iceberg compared to the countless rehearsals that occur backstage. Nemechek fondly recollects the enthusiasm and energy in rehearsals, with no hint of the nervousness that somewhat creeps up during the actual performance.

Once rehearsals conclude, a scene of excited anticipation is always afoot as the children are driven to their performance start/finish line. The kids, fuelled by the energy and cheer of the crowd, and copious amounts of sugar, prepare for their moment under the bright lights.

Racing driver Todd Gilliland recalls the unique feeling of awe and trepidation as he felt during the short ride to the performance space. The sight of the audience in front of them aligns with the children’s sense of stardom, amplified by Self reminding them that they are the show’s stars and that the fans have come to see them perform.

A Small-Scale Ritual with an Outsize Impact

The combined excitement and apprehension seemed to make the children quiet initially, only for the adults to motivate them to sing louder. What followed was a beautiful interrogation of the surreal atmosphere, childhood innocence, and the magnetic charm of being under the spotlight at such a young age.

Fathers, soon to be immersed in the nerves and thrill of their race, momentarily become dads, soaking in the delightful performance of their children. Brad Keselowski, a NASCAR driver whose daughters have performed the national anthem, describes this moment as a truly cherished one for his family.

The Bristol tradition, indeed, displays the robust soul of NASCAR. It is intimate, heart-rending, and shines a light on the often unseen facets of motorsport racing, one where childhood innocence meets the grit and spirit of the NASCAR race tracks. Tonight, as this event takes place once again, the atmosphere is electrifying, evenly charged with the endearing melodies of the cherished tradition, the anticipation of the adrenaline-fuelled races, and the looming goodbye to the ever-inspiring Melanie Self.

As the curtain closes on one era of tradition at Bristol, the memories it has created will surely live on, inspiring future generations to keep this unique Bristol tradition alive.

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