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The Luxury Revival of All-Inclusive Resorts: A New Era of Hospitality

The dawn of all-inclusive resorts 2.0 is emerging, characterized by luxury experiences and sophisticated guest services. Industry leaders such as Marriott are catalyzing this transformation, reshaping the future of vacation experiences.

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Benjamin Rhodes
Benjamin Rhodes
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Accommodating the evolving demands of the savvy traveler, leading hoteliers are redefining the concept of all-inclusive resorts, bringing them back into the limelight.

Far from the mediocre food, clichéd entertainment, and regrettable concoctions of yesteryears, the modern all-inclusive resorts emerge in a realm of luxurious experiences and curated guest services that echo sophistication.

A Reimagined Oasis of Experience and Entertainment

Driven by an uptick in travel demand post-pandemic, a significant shift in consumer behavior has fueled the transformation of all-inclusive resorts. “Customers now seek seamless, surprise-free vacation experiences,” says Brian King, the Caribbean and Latin America region president for Marriott International, highlighting that visitors desire comprehensive, one-time payment packages that promise unlimited access to the resort’s offerings without the worry of additional charges.

King further points out the changing preferences of guests. They seek to blend their vacation with a unique blend of education and entertainment (“E squared”)—from golfing at prestigious courses and embarking on adventurous ATV trail discoveries to enriching language lessons and artful cooking demonstrations. All these experiences are tastefully crafted, ensuring that guests’ experience is not overcrowded but rather balanced and engaging.

At resorts like the Westin in Costa Rica, this winning formula unfolds in fitness sessions, cocktail tastings, and hands-on culinary experiences, stinging together memorable moments that are both enlightening and entertaining.

The Rising Trend and Future Outlook

Perceiving the trend, hospitality giants are adjusting their portfolios to embrace the resurgence of the all-inclusive market that underlines luxury. The importance of this shift is being echoed in recent performance figures and future strategic declarations. Marriott International, for instance, posted $21 billion in revenue in 2022, indicating a substantial 50% increase compared to the previous year. A significant part of this growth is attributed to the strategic entry of the company’s luxury brands into the all-inclusive market.

The Gradual Shift Towards All-Inclusive Offerings

Marriott’s successful transition to all-inclusive resorts cannot be merely credited to post-pandemic strategy readjustments. The company’s leaders had recognized the potential of the leisure business, and the commencement of this transformation predates the pandemic. Under its merger with Starwood Hotels in 2016, Marriott inherited numerous all-inclusive properties, which eventually served as live testing labs for Marriott in fine-tuning its hospitality standards to match guests’ evolving expectations.

The education was accelerated under its Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program, which boasts an impressive 177 million members. The ability to leverage this tremendous base has put Marriott in a position to spread trend awareness and spark the shift towards all-inclusive stays.

The Industry Wide Echo

Recognizing this major industry transition, travel advisors of Virtuoso, the world’s largest luxury travel network, have noted the rapid evolution of Marriott’s all-inclusive offerings. Cory Hagopian, their senior vice president of sales and partnerships, mentions, “In just three years, Marriott advanced from a single all-inclusive property to a stunning 30, with additional ones in progress.”

Luxury hoteliers like French giant Accor are making notable shifts in their property portfolio to embrace the all-inclusive wave. Several high-profile collaborations are being announced to promote the trend–for instance, further, InterContinental Hotels announced a long-term agreement with Iberostar Hotels & Resorts of Spain, introducing around 70 all-inclusive properties under the IHG banner.

The Future of All-Inclusive Resorts

Predictably, the future of all-inclusive resorts seems to be steering towards luxury experiences, spanning entertainment, gastronomy, wellness, and local cultural insights. One thing remains clear: the time of mediocre all-inclusive resorts is long behind us, and as today’s guests continue to seek refined experiences, the paradigm will continue to evolve, served beautifully on a silver platter of luxury.

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