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Reviving West Maui’s Tourism: Manifesting Mindful Travel Post-Wildfires

West Maui blossoms anew, awaiting the return of tourists in the wake of a devastating wildfire. This article discusses the importance of mindful, intentional travel for the sustainability of global tourism and the role of industry players in advocating this responsible approach.

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Amelia Fairweather
Amelia Fairweather
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West Maui stands on the brink of ushering back the throng of footfalls echoing through its lands after a significant lull due to Hawaii’s most catastrophic wildfires recorded. This return marks the reversal of a challenging time for this corner of the globe, riddled with commercial losses surpassing an agonizing daily loss of over $11 million.

When the devastating infernos held sway in the region, the repercussions witnessed by the travel industry were heartrending. A notable impact was the unfortunate cancellation of around 88 transpacific flights during August, leading to a steep decline in passenger traffic to the Kahului Airport by an alarming 70 percent. A daily footfall of 7000 locals and tourists shrunk to a disheartening 2000 post this tragic event.

As businesses in fire-untouched parts of Maui grappled with slowed commerce, the imperative of tourism recovery became more apparent. In the words of Debbie Misajon, domiciled travel expert, “This can morph into the next disaster if we fail to revive our tourism industry promptly.”

Thoughtful Tourism: The ‘New Normal’ for West Maui

As West Maui readies for a resurgence in visitor influx post-Ocotber 8, it’s clear that the drive should be spearheaded by a thoughtful, cautious approach. “Gentle and generous” – Misajon echoes this sentiment repeatedly, urging visitors to exercise mindfulness. “Tourism is the backbone of Maui’s economy, and it’s critical to have tourists trod our soils again, albeit with awareness of the implications of their travels.”

Though igniting tourism in fire-stricken areas like Nāpili, Kāʻanapali, and Kapalua presents a formidable challenge, the question becomes increasingly complicated considering the emotional toll experienced by the locals.

Becoming Mindful: The Tourism Industry Wake-up Call

Jake Haupert, co-founder of the Transformational Travel Council, elaborates, “Major events such as the Maui wildfires shed light on systemic industry issues that are currently hidden.” Haupert speaks of the prevalent sense of privilege and entitlement witnessed within the sector.

Travel, as Haupert posits, should encourage a mutual exchange. He spotlights the need for a conscientious, reverential approach to travel, as opposed to practices centered around extracting personal benefits, which perpetuate a dysfunctional ecosystem.

So how should tourists approach their return to Maui in October? According to Misajon and Haupert, with purpose and mindfulness.

Emphasis on Intentional Travelling

Constructive suggestions include being “thoughtful, conscious, and caring,” especially towards West Maui. Further, they recommend that tourists seek advice from travel professionals on mindful engagement with Maui. Haupert articulates, “Tourism should gift travelers the knowledge of the impact of their travel decisions and not let choices be steered by corporate greed.”

In this era of renewed travel, understanding how to tread lightly, both in terms of physical footprints and cultural impact, is the key to sustainable exploration. As we move forward, it’s evident that responsible tourism should be paramount. From stakeholders to travelers, and everyone in between, the onus is on us all to acknowledge and respect the impact of our choices on the world’s beautiful destinations.

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